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Ductless Systems from KB Cooling & Heating

How Ductless Systems Work:
Unlike traditional ducted systems, a ductless system gives you the flexibility to transform a room into an oasis of warmth in winter, or a refreshing refuge of cool during a hot summer. So now you can enjoy precise temperatures in sunrooms, common areas, bedrooms, garages or throughout smaller homes.

• Environmentally friendly
• Quiet operation
• Allergen filtration
• Precision comfort control
• Energy-efficient technology
• Wireless remote control

What System is Right for Me?

Ductless systems are great for smaller homes and condos, but they can still be used in almost all types of applications. They are great for use in areas that have no access to ductwork or home expansions, as well as areas that need extra cooling or heating, or even if you just like ductless systems better.